Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal

Frank grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He was not fond of going to high school and instead went to the horse track most days and studied horse racing. His father knew he was not attending high school but also knew he was extremely gifted intellectually in a non conventional way. Although he did not condone his lack of interest in academics, he turned his head to his interest in gaming.

Frank then started studying football and basketball, and the word got out that he had a gift for handicapping.

He stayed in Chicago and married his first wife and then moved to Miami Beach and frequented the Fontainebleau area. He continued to gamble and handicap and then decided to move to Las Vegas where gaming was legal. After he moved to Las Vegas he met his second wife Geri and had 2 children with her. Their daughter Stephanie is known as one of the best age group swimmers that ever lived and was a member of the U.S. National Swimming Team. She is now one of the US National Team Swimming Managers. Their son Steven is a prominent PA in Cardiac Surgery and lives in Austin Texas.

Frank’s wife asked him to get a “real job” when he was 40 years old and he started working at the Stardust as a pit boss. The executives quickly recognized his exceptional knowledge of gaming and casino operations and within one year he was named CEO of the Argent Corporation which owned Nevada Properties. He was the first casino operator to hire female black jack dealers and he started the $.99 breakfast to attract gamblers – just to name a few. He created the sports book at the Stardust, the Marina, the Fremont, and the Hacienda. The neighboring casinos soon followed. He also brought the famous show The Lido de Paris and Sigfreid and Roy to the Stardust, and which multiplied the bottom line by huge margins in all 4 casinos.

In his retirement years he continued to handicap and gamble on football and basketball every season and he often went to Santa Domingo where he consulted for off shore booking offices. Frank was known as one of the best handicappers that ever lived and one of the best casino operators in history. He had a passion for gaming and betting as a high school kid and carried it throughout his life. He was a family man and told his close friends that admired him to “take care of the store and take care of the family.”